For our final 2021-2022
Quarterly Penguin Encounter Give-Away,
we decided to award a past entry to our last Penguin Encounter.  Ellie and her family will enjoy feeding the penguins.  We had a blast checking out coloring entries and treating families to this fun experience.


Robbie, 7, won our 4th Quarter 2021, Wild Trax Coloring Contest.
He has won a Penguin Encounter for him and his family to enjoy at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.
He dazzled us with bright colors and the joy an Aquarium visit brings.
We hope you enjoy hanging out with the penguins!

Bridger, 3, won our Classic Ford Bronco, 6-Volt Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax. 
Riding Bronco in style!
Andy, 11, won our Bronco RC Car toy.
Violet, 10, also won a Bronco RC Car toy.
All of our wonderful winners will also receive a fun Ford swag bag.
Thanks again to everyone who has visited the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.
We hope you enjoyed the Ford Expedition Asia and all its animals.

Oh What Joy It Brings!

Having fun with Jenny Hardman, Fox 13, for our December 2021 Scavenger Hunt at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Our last 2021 effort to support children in need after abuse with our donation to the Children's Justice Center.

Thanks to everyone for having fun with our scavenger hunt and pulling out donations from santa's hat.  I heard lots of you got some fun Aquarium plushes!



Parlee, 7, won our Spot the Penguin Coloring Contest and will get the opportunity to feed the penguins at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.  This is our second Penguin Encounter give-aways.

Owen-7, Isaac-9, and Ede-10, won our cuddly Clouded Leopard plush along with some fun Ford fan swag by answering our Spot the Penguin Trivia Contest.
Congratulations to all of our winners. We hope you enjoy your gift packages. And, Parlee, we hope your family has a blast with the penguins.

We are so excited to send a $500 donation check to the Sgt. Daniel D Gurr Foundation, serving Utah veterans & their families from our very first Proud to Honor games in 2021.

Thank You Utah!

Thanks for helping us support an organization that provides
care packages to the military and serves our Utah veterans.


Ruby, 10, won our first of four Penguin Encounters.  Her amazing Expedition Asia coloring won her and her family an opportunity to feed the penguins.  She also received a wonderful penguin prize pack filled with a penguin and lots of Ford swag.  We hope your family has an amazing day at the Aquarium.

The Place Jenny Hardman

Jenny Hardman, The Place, Fox 13, had a lot of fun hanging out at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium promoting our December 2021 Scavenger Hunt to support our Friends of the Children's Justice Center.

It was an honor to donate an additional $5000 in December 2021 from all the amazing support of our Scavenger Hunt to the CJC and their effort to support and help children recover from abuse and neglect.

Fox 13 Big Budah

We had a lot of fun at the
Living Planet Aquarium kicking off our 
Ford Expedition:  Asia display.

After our April 2021 promotion at the aquarium, we donated $5000 to the Children's Justice Center to help and care for children to recover from abuse and neglect.  

It's great to work with an organization that supports children who need them most!

Congratulations to the 6th Millionth Guest

We're so proud to support the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.
It's so neat to be part of their 6th Millionth Guest Celebration, 7 years in the making.

Mika brought her cute family to the Aquarium and won a 2021 Ford Escape. 
Wowzer!  What a golden ticket!

Utah Sports Fan Update

We are proud to support our Utah sporting fans and community.

It's been fun to be back with the fans and treat them with awesome team swag!  See You Soon!

KUTV Fresh Living
Ford Souper Challenge 2021

We had a blast with Fresh Livings and filming the Ford Souper Challenge. Thank you Utah for your amazing support. With your help, we were able to provide 65,000 Meals for Utah families. Or, we were able to help feed 16 families of 4 for an entire year.  

Thanks Utah!

Ford Souper Challenge + Virtual Food Drive 2021

Thank you Utah and our three amazing high schools.  We had a great time working with them to help them serve our community.  With their help we were able to provide 65,000 meals for Utah families.  We also wanted to give back to each or our three schools.  We donated money to each school to help their school and their program.

Hunter High School

Virtual Food Drive Champions
Led by the FBLA.  2021.
Winner of the Souper Trophy &
$2000 for FBLA & their School Pantry

Kearns High School

Souper Cougars! 
Led by the Latinos in Action.
$1000 for LIA

Taylorsville High School

Souper Warrriors!
Led by the Latinos in Action.
$1000 for LIA.

Utah Food Bank

Our donation match from all the support to the High Schools Virtual Food Drive.

KUTV's Fresh Livings

Filming our Ford Souper Challenge with KUTV's Fresh Livings.

Ford Souper Trophy

KUTV won Taylorsville HS a $500 Food Drive donation that was donated to Utah Food Bank.

2021 Bronco Tour Utah

Did you see the 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door make its debut at the
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

What a great Bronco Day.  New Bronco.  Bronco Sport Obstacle Course.  Bronco Swag.  & More
See you at our next adventure!

Your Utah Local Ford Stores proudly supports
OUR Utah communities:

Utah Food Bank
in their fight against childhood hunger.  We are now on our third year of our Ford Souper Challenge + Virtual Food Drive working with local high schools.  Each year, we raise thousands of dollars for Utah Food Bank in addition to our support for KUTV's Souper Bowl of Caring and our Dunks for Food with the Jazz.  Throughout the years, we have supported Utah Food Bank with donations along with support to help build their school pantries.  Our goal is to assist them to not only provide food for needy Utah families but also needy children so they get the nutrition to thrive in school, activities and life.

Children's Justice Center in their efforts to provide support for child victims to recover from the damaging physical, mental and spiritual effects of their abuse.  We conduct several programs throughout the year to help raise money for CJC along with our donations.  Our goal is to help CJC serve children in our community who are the most vulnerable and need the most assistance.

Angel Tree is a great program during the holidays to get Christmas gifts to children and families in need.  It's been an honor to support this amazing community focused effort focused on making magic in the lives of children in Utah.

Primary Children's Hospital & Huntsman Cancer Institute with our University of Utah Bear Toss where we raise money and bears for children & people fighting cancer and other health concerns.

Bountiful Rotary's Coat for Kids raising money and support to provide children in need in Davis county with warm coats, gloves, hats and accessories for the cold winter.

Summer 2020 Neck Wrap Program where 100% of the net proceeds provided over 5000 meals in a short period of time.  It was a great opportunity for us to find a fun way to give back to the community while sporting some great pride and sportsmanship.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium | Ford Expedition Asia is a partnership between an amazing family-oriented retreat, education, and branding.  We love being the sponsor of Ford Expedition Asia.  It's fitting!  But, more importantly we love taking this sponsorship to the next level by trying to connect with the community and honoring them.  We gave out an Escape to the Aquarium's 6th millionth guest.  We also give out 3-4 penguin encounters to guests who participate in our fun Ford Expedition contests.  

Welcome to
Utah Ford Cares

It's been amazing to outreach with so many partners in trying to impact out Utah community.  We love it! 
Thanks so much for joining us in our journey.

About Us

Your Local Ford Stores comprises of all the Ford Stores in the state of Utah.  We come together to help support various community programs and partners.  Our goal is to ensure we are a community leader and supporter.

We work on several programs throughout the year to give back to the community.  We are involved in the Souper Bowl of Caring providing meals to children in need, Children's Justice Center, Utah Food Bank, Angel Tree, Bear Toss supporting children fighting cancer & Huntsman Cancer Institute, Walk for MS, and the Bountiful Rotary Coat for Kids providing warm jackets to children in Davis County.

Our Utah Ford Cares launched a new program in 2020 to continue to support Utah Food Bank's Mobile School Pantry where we were able to provide over 5000 meals to children in need.  We expanded our KUTV Souper Bowl of Caring contributions and made a 1 day telethon into a month long fundraiser benefiting Utah Food Bank and local high schools.

We continued in 2021 with our Expedition Asia Scavenger Hunt & Coloring Contests at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium treating patrons with the opportunity to feed the penguins.  We even gave away a Ford Escape to the 6th millionth visitor.  Last, we took advantage of our partnership and coordinated a fundraiser for the Children's Justice Center at the Aquarium.   We gave out three penguin encounters in 2022 and look forward to giving out another 4 in 2023.

We also like to have fun with our fans.  At our 2022 military appreciation game, we did the Ultimate Hook Up for fans to get all of our awesome RSL Ford swag for a donation of $5.  We 100% matched that donation, paid the transaction fees, and donated it all to the Hill AFB Defenders Cup Soccer Team. 

We are a huge supporter of our universities in Utah.  Either cheering on the red or cheering on the blue(s), we are there with our college partners treating our Utah fans to some awesome Ford fan swag.

We also love the Jazz and having the Ford Fan Zone where fans can cheer, eat (the All You Can Eat buffet if you dare), play games, take a picture and have the opportunity to win an autograph jersey.  For the past several years, we've only given out 1 autograph jersey to 1 fan of the year.  In 2023, we are giving out 4!  Wowzers! 

The Ford Street Team Giving Foundation manages all of our charitable elements by working with our team and proud partners.  FST Giving Foundation is the charitable organization of our Ford Street Team that you see at events.  100% of donations collected by the FST Giving Foundation is then given to the named charity at the end of the program period.  FST Giving Foundation and Your Local Ford Stores will cover all the transaction and administrative costs that may be attributed with the fundraiser.
The FST Giving Foundation is a Non-Profit Pending Organization.  

Business Hours

  • Monday - Sunday


Non-Profit Pending
Ogden, UT 84401, US

About us

FST Giving Foundation is a non-profit pending organization that strives to give back to the community with unique programs.  Ford Street Team Giving Foundation is proud to manage these program for Your Local Ford Stores.

Ford Street Team Giving Foundation assists Your Local Ford Stores to provide impact programs to support Utah communities.

Utah Ford Cares

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